Energy audits are performed by proposing saving solutions in the industrial, commercial and residential sector. With the realization of energy audits we atempt to:

  • Reduce current energy costs

  • Understand and control the current energy situation of your company or residence

  • Detect any improvement in energy efficiency by analyzing first the customs and habits of each client

  • The adequacy of the distribution of heat and cold and regulation and control systems analyze the technical and economic feasibility of these improvements

  • Provide a framework for responsibly boosting their own energy saving measures under the systematic cycle of continuous improvement

  • Create a permanent sensitivity to energy efficiency

  • Help establish environmental goals with the achievable energy situation.


  • Performs technical feasibility studies and personalized offers.

  • It`s responsible for the legalization of installations from the competent authorities.

  • Designs, writes and signs proyects.

  • Executes facilities with maximum guarantees since it has it`s own installers.

The ideas, developing new projects and innovation are key principles in the philosophy of Istmo Solar. Continually looking for new energy solutions and higher quality jobs. The aim is to research and develop new technologies to boost renewable energies. This is to optimize performance and guide you to enhance existing applications.

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